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General Name Yamanaka Suisen Age 10 Birthday July 1 Country… - Yamanaka Suisen [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Yamanaka Suisen

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[Aug. 19th, 2006|12:01 am]
Yamanaka Suisen
Name Yamanaka Suisen
Age 10
Birthday July 1
Country Affiliation Konoha
Rank Genin
Blood Type B+
Height (cm) 157.4 cm
Weight (kg) 38.2 kg
Hair Blonde, goes down almost to his shoulderblades
Eyes Brown
Skin Very fair
Usual Clothing A fairly loose, deep blue jacket that he keeps only half-zipped, underneath which he wears a mesh shirt. Wears khaki shorts. Keeps his hair (quite long) pulled back into a low ponytail with a hair tie the same color as his jacket. Keeps his hitai-ate tied around his forehead.
Distinguishing Features Has his left ear pierced, usually with a gold loop earring in.
Physical Fitness Pretty fit, since he's an active kid and is constantly running all over the place just to torment his parents. Has a severe allergy to cats, though, that can cripple him quite quickly.
Other Notable Traits Skinny as a twig and has big hands.

Fighting Type Specializes in nin- and taijutsus, though he's not quite as good at the latter. Prefers to fight in short to medium range. When really angry, he almost forgets about ninjutsu, though, and will fight the enemy hand-to-hand, no matter how bad an idea that may be.
Preferred Weapons Ninjutsu, kunai, his fists.
Special Jutsu Shintenshin no Jutsu.
Other (includes specialty, such as Torture & Interrogation, Intelligence, etc.) Specializes in gathering intelligence with spying jutsus.

Family The only child in his particular family of the Yamanaka clan, he is a complete and total mama's boy. His father also spoils him, but his mother is far more clingy and overprotective. He's fairly close to his older cousins, but since he bosses the younger ones around, they don't like him much at all.
Friends He was popular at the Academy despite stifling ego, but now that he's out of school, he's finding making friends more difficult. Doesn't daunt him at all, though. He considers Yukio-chan and Makkura-chan his best friends, but whether or not they return the sentiment is questionable.
Lovers None.
Followers Do his whipped parents count? Otherwise, no. XD;;
Enemies The neighbor's cat, who totally loves him and makes him have violent sneezing fits. And Hiroki-jerk.
Other (includes pets, etc.) Works in the family flower shop from time to time and actually quite enjoys it, though he'd beat up anyone who found out about it or mocked him.

Overall Personality Traits: Egotistical, brash, loud, hyper, Mama's boy.
Quirks Gets very picky about details, completely abandons common sense when angered, easily bored and amuses himself by pestering people once he is so.
Loves His mom, Yukio-chan, Makkura-chan, riceballs, being outside, pestering people.
Hates Being bossed around, cats, Hiroki-jerk.
Fears Getting stuck while using Shintenshin, the big monsters mentioned in legends.
Dreams/Ambitions To be the head of the clan one day, possibly kick the neighbor's cat, to actually land a punch on Hiroki.
Hero Shodaime Hokage, his father.
Gifts/Talents Very fast, so he has excellent aim with his Shintenshin. Is very social and has absolutely no problem with blending in amongst strangers. Knows his plants very well, so he can spot food/poison/medicinal herbs with ease.
Flaws Egotistical to the extreme, very opinionated, leaps before he looks, rather rude sometimes.

Personal History Suisen has lived with his mother and father all his life, in a house right nextdoor to their flower shop that, quite frankly, sells mainly herbs and poisons anymore (much to his mother's chagrin). He was a pretty average student in the Academy, though very popular amongst the other kids. He's always been around his mother, and graduated from the Academy at 10.

He was put on a genin team with Uchiha Yukio and Nara Makkura, both of whom it took him a while to warm up to, under Hyuuga Hiroki. He still, needless to say, hasn't warmed up to Hiroki.

Ninjutsu: 3
Genjutsu: 1.5
Taijutsu: 3.5
Intelligence: 1.5
Strength: 2
Speed: 3.5
Stamina: 2.5
Seal: 2